1/48 Hobby Craft CF-105 Avro Arrow

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Apr 4 2016



Over 40 years of modelling some airframes get built more then others. Phantoms, Hornets, Starfighters and Tomcats come to mine. But one model I have made now 6 times in the exact same markings is the Hobby Craft Avro Arrow.

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The Arrow obtained almost mythical status amongst conspiracy types and aviation enthusiasts.  Its speed and potential back in the late 50s was indeed something that had the possibility of breaking most records. But for many reasons it never came to be. Only 5 airframes were finished with a couple more just days away from first flights. Then the program was shut down. Canada ended up with Voodoos and life went on.

Hobby Craft is not known for Hasegawa / Tamiya quality. They are however known for making Canadian models that no one else will make, and of course models that require a lot of putty and help. But if it was not for them the world would have no CF-100 Canucks, Beavers, and Arrows. Therefore I am happy to build them. Now, this kit is a commission build so its soon to take off for someone else's home. But until then I shall share it with you. Over the years my skills have improved. #205 shown in flight with this build is the one Arrow I have kept for myself over the years. The others have met the scrap heap. Just like the real Arrows did back over 50 years ago.

Shawn "phantom" Weiler

Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler