1/144 Pit-Road BAC TSR.2 XR219

Gallery Article by Björn Leichsenring on Mar 15 2016



From the kit of Pit Road no. 144-007 this wonderful model of a BAC TSR-2 originated in 1/144. Well-designed as a plug kit here are many small details and small engravings available. I opted for the construction of the XR219, which is the only ever flown by the three built prototypes. (At least I have so found.) The only drawback is the yet so quite unstable suspension, resulting in a Grätche. It was also with internally generated decals cockpit upgraded and the accompanying pilots wandered into the box. 

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Was painted with several paint manufacturers, but, as I had problems how to achieve a smooth surface. Admittedly, this is my application error. Successfully it then works with 301 of Revell. The plane was fired with highly diluted oil broth Umbra worn accordingly, so as to find on various original photos.

Enjoy the photos.

Björn Leichsenring

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Photos and text © by Björn Leichsenring