1/48 Testors Cessna C-337

Gallery Article by Andreas Gordes “Goggo" on Mar 17 2016



Here is the game: go to Google Earth™. Scroll to the west coast of the USA. Zoom into Washington State. Zoom into the Seattle area. Search for the Paine Field Airport. Look for the Museum of Flight Restoration Center. What aircraft do you see?

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Well, right this aircraft was selected by Draw Decal. Draw decals are still available and of good quality - recommended. The “DON’T SHOOT” was displayed several times in ARC. This time the decals have been used to replicate a civil Cessna 337 painted as a war bird. The Testors kit provides decals for the additional windows and these have been used here. Also it was tested how 12” registration numbers look like on this unique airplane.

A short word to the kit itself: a good kit, with the exception of the front window which just does not fit. The O-2A windows are enclosed, but the fuselage has neither the openings nor provisions to open the 4 holes. Options for an O-2B which did not had these windows are also offered.

Thank you,

Andreas Gordes

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