1/72 Hasegawa Boeing F-15SG RSAF

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddet on Feb 2 2016



    This model is an Hasegawa 1/72 Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SG from the limited edition box number 02092. I decided to show this bird with an attractive paint scheme from 428th Fighter Squadron Buccaneers based at Mountain Home Idaho USA. This special scheme represents bird serial 05 0007 for Peace Carvin V, 5th anniversary (2014) of joint training/contract with F-15SG in the hudge US aerial space, bigger than the small one of the city state Singapore. I used the decal sheet from Miliverse MV-72003-1, a singapourian company, decals are very accurate (flags, badges, skull with cross swords, and all small markings) and easy to fit. I followed HASEGAWA & Miliverse instructions regarding colors, dark grey Gunze acrylic FS36118 H305. This kit is a corrected Hasegawa USAF F-15E kit with new parts specific to the F-15SG variant (Conformal Fuel Tanks, bombs pylons BRU/47/A, main gears doors, specific antennas and pods). I added a light weathering to highlight engraved kit, RSAF aircraft are very well maintained, not dirty and this bird was 10 years old. The engines are also specific to this variant : General Electric GE-F110-129.

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    I show the bird with two external fuel tanks, two AIM-9X and two AIM-120 training air air missiles under each wings. I added AN/AAS-43 TIGER EYE IRST laser designator pod on left front and AN/AAQ-13 navigation pod on right front, both from the kit. To reinforce the offensive aspect I decided to mount two GBU-31 JDAM on mid internal fuselage pylon from Hasegawa aircraft weapons IX. It was a pleasure to build a so attractive and decorated plane with pirate flag like old movie.

    This specific plane was used during Red Flag at Nellis AFB NV in summer 2014 and at Luke AFB AZ for Forging Sabre december 2015 exercise. I hope you will enjoy my model and pictures. One the pictures show a RSAF F-16D detailed in an old article with this F-15SG both based in USA.

"Be careful of Buccaneers'saber" 

Jean-Charles Goddet

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles Goddet