1/72 Heller Su-30MKI

Gallery Article by Tom Thounaojam on Jan 26 2016

India Republic Day



I always wanted to make a Su-30mki however getting the kit was a problem.  After searching the internet for a while I managed to get a Heller Su-27UB. However lots of work needs to be done, so I did find some good material on the internet and really appreciate the input of Ratish Nair, he is walking encyclopedia for sure :) .  So I scratch built the canard, extended the tail fins and make the cockpit little modern, IRST pod from center to right hand side and wheel two for nose landing gear.  However there are some error due, I painted the cockpit black instead blue and some tiny mistake.

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The kit was extremely hard to build, there were lots of sanding and filling. 

Paint was bit enigmatic, didn't know what color will make grey of the IAF, so I added 70% white and 30% black and seem to turned okay for my eye.  The aircraft I built is one I clicked on Aero India 2013, SB 311.

Decals were really fragile and I would advise other who want to built this kit to get after market decals.


Jai Hind

Tom Thounaojam

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Photos and text by Tom Thounaojam