1/48 AcroKit MDM-1 Fox

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Jan 15 2016



The MDM-1 Fox is a polish, two-seat aerobatic glider. All aerobatic figures can be flown with it. A detailled description can be found here: http://www.sagach.ch/Eng/fox_en.htm

The model I made bases on my own resin kit, but I added a cockpit and painted it in the colours of the D-6669, which belongs to the "Förderverein Segelkunstflug im BWLV", which is a club for aerobatic gliding in south/west Germany (
www.segelkunstflug.com ).

The D-6669 was built in 2011. Klaus Lenhart (LEKI) supported the aerobatic club, without his help we wouldn´t have this excellent plane now. Unfortunately he died in an accident in 2012, that´s why there is the black banner on the vertical stabilizer with the words "In memory Klaus Lenhart" on it.

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The basic model is very simple to build, as it has no cockpit. I decided to make my models without cockpit, because most people who buy them are hobby pilots and not experienced modellers. My Fox-kit includes decals of the D-6660, which belongs to the same aerobatic club.

For the cockpit, I built the stick, pedals, levers for airbrake, cable release and microphones out of spure. The instrument panels and the backrests were made out of deepdrawn plastic sheets.

I sandpapered the mould for the canopy out of balsa wood and deep-drew it.  After I filled some gaps with putty and sanded the model, I added the pitot tube to the vertical stabilizer and the triangular sights to the wings, which show the right angles (45°/90°) in aerobatic figures to the pilot.

The model was painted with brush, the decals I printed on foil from ACT. In the end I sealed the model with gloss varnish.

Here I made a video of a training flight:

As you can see it´s a lot of fun flying this machine. And of cause, as I´m flying the real one from time to time, I wanted to have it as a model in my collection.


Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt