1/72 Matchbox Dornier 28 J

Gallery Article by Kees Kuyper on Jan 4 2016

Silly Week 2016



After the war they put the new jet engine on nearly everything so to say.

I thought the Dornier was from the 1950ís, but it was from a decade later when they probably had realised that jet engines are not so efficient at the heights where the Dornier flies(or flew?)

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The standard fixed landing gear of the Dornier doesnít fit with jet engines so I suggested an inward retractable landing gear.  My plastic-model-plane-drug-dealer doesn't have more Dorniers 28 (Matchbox 1:72)

Other possibilities are a Dornier 28 with turboprop engines (according to the internet 
realised in reality) and a Dornier 28 on floats (proposed but not realised) and the wings of an Otter also look usable.

Greetings from M.A.D.

Kees Kuyper

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