1/48 ICM C-45 (CC-128) Expeditor

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Dec 9 2015



Well, this model is not one of my best.  I used the ICM kit.  Nice of them to make a model of this once very plentiful aircraft that saw some 60 years of service.  Canada used them from the beginning of world war two right up till around 1970.

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I am not sure of some of the details on the ICM kit.  Nice of them to include a door knob on the inner cabin door, but that is about where the praise ends. The landing gear, both front and tail wheel seem short to me.  Very short.  The fuselage is rather difficult to attach to the wings.  Mostly as the wings hold the inner cabin.  Can't remember how many times I knocked one of the seats loose trying to join them together.  One thing required to make the Canadian (post war) version of this plane is supplied by Belcher Bits.  A drop in leading edge for the inner wings which gives the more stream lined profile of the later C-45.  Belcher bits also provide the engine cover extensions required.

Belcher Bits also makes a decal sheet for several different Canadian birds.  However I bought the Caracal decals as at the time I bought them the BB did not yet exist.  The only thing Caracal missed is the fact the wing roundels should have a silver surround just like the flags on the tail have.  But that is an easy fix.  This is far from my best model, but its a darn site improvement over my 30 year old 1/72 Hobby Craft kit.

Shawn "phantom" Weiler

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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler