1/144 Pit-Road Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA

Gallery Article by Björn Leichsenring on Dec 3 2015



As aircraft PAK-FA program (Perspective flight complex of Long Range Aviation) at Sukhoi in cooperation with the OKBS Mikoyan and Yakovlev, the T-50 was developed. The program has the objective of producing a multi-role combat aircraft with stealth properties for the Russian air force. At the same time a two-seater version for the Indian Air Force will be constructed over the FGFA program. The first flight of the prototype took place on 29 January 2010 and was first presented in August 2011 at the air show MAKS public. Series production is planned for the 2016th.

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My model is intended to represent the first prototype T-50-1 even without camouflage. It comes from Pit-Road and was very well without spatula assemble. Was complemented the cockpit, which I made with self printed decals. Served as a basis, the Panel of the SU-30, because I had found for the T-50 no template. In addition, various antennas were supplemented by small metals in the bow area.

Was painted with Gunze while the metallic colors as well as the chromate of Testors originate. When painting also had to be taken care of, what color combination fits together, because in developing various components were replaced and thus different colors can be seen. In the kit included the decals I could do without, because this prototype had no inscription.

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