1/144 Academy F-4F Phantom

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Nov 18 2015



This is an Academy kit featuring a Luftwaffe F-4F. I was impressed by the box art and could not resist getting one to build it. I was disappointed when I unsealed the box. Apparently this kit comes from a different moulding from the Academy 1/144 F-4E Phantom kit in that the fuel dump at the tail was missing. As for the rest, it is the standard kit with 2 x AIM 7 and unslatted wings.

I shall dispense with the usual listing of enhancements and modification required to build a reasonably accurate F-4F Phantom. There is an awful lot of filling and sanding besides the scratchbuilding. 

The decals were quite alright except for the JG 74 squadron emblem meant for the air intake sides. They were too big and the one for the starboard side was not laterally inverted. I created my own emblems together with some stencils to enhance its look.

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I had quite a time to search on the correct paint shades to depict the colour scheme on the box art as the painting guide given was not correct.  I found the Norm 81A Version 2 scheme that I thought best fit it.  I used the Tamiya/ Mr Hobby basic acrylic colours to get the most reasonable shade to paint/airbrush them on.  I applied two thin coats of gloss prior to applying the decals with adequate curing time between each activity. I have seen pictures of operational F-4Fs with faded dirtied undersides and hence I did pretty heavy weathering for this bird. Finally two coats of flat were airbrushed on.

I used two short lengths of 4mm acrylic rods and had them shaped and painted to simulate the “afterburner” effect for display.

Appreciate feedback if the colour scheme for this bird 38+28 was incorrect. I understand that this same bird underwent the ICE (Improved Combat Efficiency) Program upgrade initiated in the ‘80s and wore the new two-tone light grey scheme till it retirement to make way for the Eurofighter Typhoon. 

Nevertheless, enjoy the photos. 

S K Loh

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Photos and text © by S K Loh