1/144 Amodel Antonov AN-2T Anna

Gallery Article by Björn Leichsenring on Oct 30 2015



The world's largest biplane AN-2 made by Antonov is versatile used in civilian and military aviation. Due to the large wing is designed for STOL. The first flight took place on 08/31/1947 and was built approximately 18,000 times. They were delivered in all countries of the former Warsaw Pact. While it is officially known as "Colt" means, it was referred to in the GDR as "Anna", "Aunt Anna" or "box kite".

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My model dates from Amodel and was detailed with the accompanying etch parts. As a further treat the access panels of the engine and the cargo door was shown opened. The rib structure in the interior and the cargo floor were scratched.

The AN-2T with the board number 857 of NVA / LSK was used in connection squadrons VS-14 in Strausberg.

Björn Leichsenring

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