1/72 Bird Models Lippisch P.01-112

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Oct 12 2015



The Red Eagle

Rudolf Vogel has some interesting German WW2-aircraft projects in his ebay-shop, you can find them when you search for "Bird Models".  The kits are relatively simple and need some rework in detailling, but very rare and exotic models can be made out of those kits.

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One of them is sold under the name Lippisch P.01-113, I found very interesting, because I want to build the whole "Me-163-Komet-family" in 1/72 step by step. As I found out there seems to be a bit confusion about the right name of this project plane. In a book I found it under "113", but on two websites it´s named as Lippisch P.01-112. Those websites show a planned fighter named Lippisch P.01-113 too, but it has intakes beside the fuselage. So I decided to name my model Lippisch P.01-112.

I had to modify a lot, because I wanted to make my model closer to the drawings I found: Wings, upper fuselage and vertical stabilizer had to be reworked.  Also the cockpit got some more details. Outside I added the pitot tube and the antenna.  I made a new intake, which is much smaller in the front when the original was.

It was planned to power this aircraft with a rocket engine and a jet engine.  I had the idea to paint it in colors of a fictional aerobatic team, I called "Die Roten Adler" (The Red Eagles). I printed the decals by myself and painted all with brush. In the end I sprayed a silk clear varnish over the model.

Just because of all the modifications I enjoyed it very much making this little model, which brings some color into my WW2-collection.

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Thomas Brückelt

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