1/48 Trumpeter PLAF J-10A Vigorous Dragon

Gallery Article by Kim Wu "celetop" on Oct 1 2015

  People's Republic of China National Day



My first submission to ARC and my first model of PLAAF current inventory. I dedicate this article to remark China's 66th National Day.

It was a straight OOB build since the kit does come with some PE detailng parts.  In total I spent a month on and off to complete the subject.

The kit is a typical later 2000's Trumpeter quality: good assembly in general with some minor surgery needed in main structure joining area. Again nothing unusual to any intermediate modeller. 

J-10A is a lightweight multi-role fighter with focus on air dominance and first flown took place in 1998. Later development program sees the 2nd-Gen J-10B with extensive upgrades in avionics join the family in 2008.

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I painted the bird with Mr. Hobby color 308 on the upper surface and added 40% H11 white as the lower surface colour. Wash was done by MiG 502 Abteilung oil paint diluted with paint stripper. PLAAF jets are normally well maintained in mint condition however my personal flavour leans towards a combat proven -looking warbird, so I took some artistic license here and applied a rather heavy weathering and even decorated the jet with three red star kill symbols!

The kit supplied decal is very thin and well printed and also worked perfectly with the decal setter, but great care is needed as they are very easy to break due to its thickness. Although most PLAAF jets are totally void of any tail art, I finally decided to borrow a tiger head decal from a 1/72 Academy F-16CG kit to tone up the mean-looking. 

This is my second completed model after 22 years of suspension from the hobby after high school and I am pretty happy with the outcome thanx to the inspirations I received from this excellent website.  Now I have an ambitious plan and found myself have 10+ projects I've started that are progressing!!

My salute to Steve for providing this great web space to the International modelling community and to his hard work upholding it!!

Kim Wu "celetop"

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Photos and text by Kim Wu