1/72 Monogram HU-16B Albatross

Gallery Article by Thomas "Masterqq" Ng on Aug 31 2015

Malaysia National Day



In 1988 two HU–16 Albatross aircraft entered service in the RMAF with No.1 Squadron. It was envisaged that with Malaysia’s increased requirement to operate in the 200 mile EEZ requited the amphibious capability of the HU-16B. However it has a only short service with RMAF where it was phased out of service in 1991 due to maintenance and spare parts supports problems. 

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This is an older kit from Monogram, kit came with full raised rivets detail and workable landing gears, hence the first step is to sand off all the raised rivets , a quick dry fits shows fitting is not so bad for an older kit, this is quite a tail seater, so some nose weights were added before closing the fuselage half.

Painting order are Gunze white, red and Tamiya blue and masking with Tamiya's masking tape, again Puszer Aneh's Generic TUDM decal provided most of the marking for this project.

Hope you like it....Happy Merdeka 2015.

Thomas "Masterqq" Ng

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