1/48 Academy Sukhoi 30 K

Gallery Article by Aamod Potdar on Aug 15 2015

India Independence Day



Sukhoi 30 K Indian Air Force

This is an 1/48 Academy Su-27UB kit which was converted to Sukhoi 30K of the Indian Air Force.  India no longer operates the 'K' version as all are not MKI variants.  Sukhoi 30K were on lease and were returned long ago once MKI were inducted.  Four Sukhoi 30K were painted Tri-Color scheme for to commemorate India's 50th Independence Day Anniversary.  These 4 aircraft were first showcased on Indian Air Force Day on 8th October 1997. Aircraft were SB-001, SB-006,SB-007 and SB-008. 

Bit of history before I start off.  This was my very first plastic kit built in 2005.  And also first plastic kit to be posted on ARC back then.  So this is basically a rebuilt model.  Why so?  This model had a 10 ft fall from the display shelf which broke into pieces.  Though I thought it was not salvagable, since it was very close to my heart, I decided to store it away.  Last year, finally I decided that I need to rebuilt this model.

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For starters, canopy was broken and so were the landing gears. But since I had not glued the parts well, parts acted like crumple zone and absorbed most of the impact and breaking just at the joints.  In 2005, I was a novice to scale modeling.  I did know what primer was and I had used enamel paints.  So stripping the paint was toughest.  I ordered Fairhobby vacform canopy.  Since the original Academy Su-27 UB did not come with refueling probe, I scratch built one to make to closed to Indian Air Force operated Sukhoi 30K version.

When I finally decided on the tri-color paint scheme, I figured that painting the Ashoka Chakra (Blue round emblem with 24 spokes) will be toughest.  But luckily for me Begemot had a decal sheet for this paint scheme.  So canopy and decal sheet were only two things I ordered. 

I know I could have done a better job, but considering that it was rebuilt, I am happy with the job. You might notice the missing IRST probe.  Fairhobby canopy does come with an IRST probe which with some effort can be offset to right as per the original aircraft.  I am still working on it and since I did not want to miss the deadline I am posting without it.  Apologies for that. 

Hope you like my rebuilt work.  I find it like Phoenix raising from the Ashes.  I would like thank Indian Scale Modellers group for helping me to learn new techniques and encouragement without which I would not have undertaken this rebuild project. 

Happy 69th Indian Independence Day 

Jai Hind

Aamod Potdar   Indian Scale Modellers

Photos and text by Aamod Potdar