1/72 Hobbyboss Hawker Typhoon

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry (chinagreg) on Aug 7 2015



This is yet another of my little air/ground dioramas. The Hobbyboss kit is typical of their easy builds in that it's a mix of good and bad. What's good is the full load of underwing rockets, a choice of three- or four-bladed props, and a well thought-out undernose radiator. What's bad is the canopy which is a really strange slab-sided shape where it should be a rounded blister, and the decals which have a horrible shade of Sky and almost black roundel Blue.

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Construction brought another problem in that the mounting holes for the rockets under the wings don't line up correctly. And of course if you want a wheels-up configuration you will have some fiddling to do, and you'll have to find your own pilot figure.

My typhoon is attacking an old Matchbox Kruppe Protz truck which is a nice little thing accompanied by a few Caesar Miniature German troops. And what's under the cotton wool smoke is anybody's guess.

Paint was by brush: Tamiya acrylics and artist acrylic washes. Base was some wood off-cut covered by glue-saturated tissue paper and real dirt.

Greg Kerry

Photos and text by Greg Kerry