1/144 Academy F-14

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry (chinagreg) on July 10 2015



This was my second Academy 1/144 aircraft and thankfully it was better than the first (an F-16). It still only has one set of decals but at least it seemed to have no other obvious imperfections.

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With this kit I was trying to recreate the kind of pictures you sometimes see of US carrier decks swirling with steam from their catapaults, creating a kind of dramatic dry ice effect. For this I simply used cotton wool held very close to the camera lens.

The deck tractors and figures are excellent - from a very old Dragon set that included a good section of carrier deck and either an F-14 or an F/A-18 (if memory serves me at all well). Unhappily, through several house/country moves over the years I've managed to lose this. Instead I made my own with a thick plastic base superglued to an old wooden presentation box lid. All painting was by Tamiya acrylics, washes and drybrushing by artists' tubed acrylics.

Greg Kerry

Photos and text by Greg Kerry