1/72 Italeri Hawk

Gallery Article by Aamod Potdar on May 1 2015

  4th Anniversary of Indian Scale Modelers group 



Hawk Indian Air Force

As I am fascinated by Indian Air Force subjects, I plan to build complete inventory of Indian Air Force someday. So this kit is addition to that list. Bae Hawk is the now mainstay Advance Jet Trainer in the Indian Air Force. 

Kit was fairly easy build with hardly any fit issues. It did require some sanding near the air intakes area but other wise build went well. Mostly OOB, it not exactly IAF version. I had to modify the the wing tips as the kit itself is the armed version. So had convert the wing tips to match IAF version.


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Build could have been better as you can notice uneven surface as primer didn't spray smooth enough and future did not even the surface as expected. Also bit on silvering on custom home printer decals as future made them bit thick. But as they say with every build you learn something new. 

For paints I used local acrylics and for decals used for roundels and fin flash were from Bright Spark. 

Posting this today on eve 4th Anniversary of Indian Scale Modelers group through which I have come across excellent modeling buddies and their invaluable tips has made me better modeler. 

Aamod Potdar

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Photos and text by Aamod Potdar