1/48 Monogram Tomcat

Gallery Article by Lucio P. on Feb 13 2015



Hi from Italy, here is the venerable 1/48 Monogram F-14 Tomcat from the original 1981 box!  

All panel lines came off and where rescribed and some aftermarket where used.

The idea of giving it a second life is a sort of revocation for fateful last flight of it's crew. 


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Bu.no 160380 - Modex 201 crashed May 3, 1980 into sea off Iran during launch from USS Nimitz. 

Suffered engine failure on catapult launch, lost directional control at low speed, stalled, and crashed off the bow of the ship.

The crew was pilot LT Jack "Squirt" Watson and RIO ENS John "Yogi" Graham. 

They lost their lives, but their memories remains.

Thanks to all the guys from Tomcat Sunset Association who helped me with photos and research.

Lucio P.

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Photos and text by Lucio P.