Battlestar Arizona

Gallery Article by SteelWolf on Jan 8 2015

Silly Week 2015



Ever wonder what happened to the Battlestar Galactica when it finally reached Earth after it's long, long journey fleeing from the Cylons? Well, it wasn't what you saw in that short lived cheesy "Battlestar Galactica 1980" TV series. In exchange for letting the Colonials stay on Earth and help advance Earth's science, medicine, technology, etc., the United States asked that Adama provide the Earth with the means to build another Battlestar so that the Earth could start having it's own defense space fleet in case the Cylons showed up or the Earth was invaded by different enemy aggressors. 10-15 years later with the combined resources of numerous countries, the first Earth Battlestar was commissioned, the U.S. Space Navy's BATTLESTAR ARIZONA. 


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I bought one of the old Monogram Battlestar Galactica kits in a vendor room at a contest long ago. I'm not sure what the scale is, but I think it might be 1/4195. After reading numerous "negative" reviews of this old kit, I decided it was not worth it to build it into a "proper" BSG ship. So......what to do? Whif it, of course! My first thought was to add big gun turrets on it similar to what was seen on Space Battleship Yamato. These were 1/700 16" gun turrets from a IOWA class battleship. Two on top of the Battlestar, and one below the head of the Battlestar. I also wanted to add numerous smaller gun turrets and missile launchers all over the ship. So I added various 1/700 guns from different ship kits plus a few 1/700 RAM missile launchers, all of which are painted in a slightly darker grey color. On top of the Battlestar are silos for large scale anti-ship missiles. You can see one of the missiles being fired. Cotton was used for the smoke exhaust. 

One thing I never see on any BSG model kit is Vipers being launched. I guess that's because building and adding really tiny Vipers would take too much work or some other reason. Well, I decided to add some anyway! They might be the wrong scale, but what the hell. I like them anyway. I used tiny 1/700 scale missiles from Ticonderoga and Spruance ship kits and painted them white. 


Photos and text by SteelWolf