1/144 Revell CF-18 Hornet

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Jan 12 2015



This is the second of three similar Revell kits that I had.  I have found from my research that the RCAF Hornets have an awesome range of stylized livery and colour schemes to mark special occasions and/or events on Demo jets.  However, given the limitation I have in creating the decals to depict such birds in this scale, I had to limit my choice. Since my built is centered on birds from 410 SQN from Cold Lake for a 3-bird formation built, I narrowed my search on that. I came across a Demo jet with the special stylized fin art in 1993 and started to work on the built.

I embodied the various add-ons as per the previous kit that I built.  This time however, I filled up the outline of the formation lights on the inner side of the tail fins as this anomaly will be pretty obvious with the camo scheme for this 1993 bird. The decals and stencils and false canopy were self-made.


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The colour scheme of Dark Ghost Gray on the upper surfaces and Light Ghost Gray on the underside were airbrushed with a mix of Tamiya/Mr Hobby basic colours to best match the decals created. Again moderate weathering was done on it.

I was pretty satisfied with the finish. Enjoy the photos and watch out for the last of the three-bird build shortly once I have selected the decal design. 

S K Loh

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Photos and text by S K Loh