RCAF Bowrider SAR

Gallery Article by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat on Jan 1 2015

Silly Week 2015



For the full back story on this particular variant, please see the previous submission at: http://www.arcair.com/Gal10/9401-9500/gal9426-Moose-Bailey/00.shtm


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This depicts the Convair R3Y as used by the RCAF in the Search and Rescue role. After being refitted with Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba engines to replace the problem-plagued Allison T40s, it served valiantly for many years, before being sold and reconfigured as a water bomber for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This is the old Revell kit dating from the 50s, and reissued in the 90s. Not very accurate but good enough for 'What if?' purposes!

Dave Bailey


Photos and text by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat