1/50 Heller AS-350 B3 Chilean Army

Gallery Article by Orlando Arancibia R. on Sept 18 2014

Chile Independence Day 



This is my Ecureuil V.I.P. from Chilean Army.

The model is based on the vintage 1/50 Heller kit AS-350 b1. 

To give life to this Chilean Ecureuil, it was only used the main fuselage and wings. Both rotors were reconstructed from Scratch as well as Skids, all antennas, cable cutters and sensors under the fuselage.


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The model was painted with airbrush in Model Master & Humbrol enamels. Weathered was done using water-soluble pastels.

A tarp was placed over the exhaust and drawstrings were attached to the blades in order to give a realistic finishing.

Orlando Arancibia R.

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Photos and text by Orlando Arancibia R.