1/144 F-Toys SAAB Draken J35J

Gallery Article by S K Loh on August 13 2014


This was Japanese ‘Gashapon’ F-Toys 1/144 Draken J35F. I had intended to make it a simple build with only a pilot added on for inflight display. However, its original pre-painted camo colours of olive drab/midnight blue were somewhat too dark for the kit of this scale. What compelled me to decide to make changes was when I tried to apply the yellow F1 Wing code #1 and the tail number #34, they bled through the dark camo colours.  I had no choice but to make necessary changes to the kit.  The picture of the kit on the box showed otherwise.

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I did a search on the net and found that there were numerous variants of the Draken and with corresponding impressive colour schemes. I decided to stick to the standard colour scheme of Olive Drab/Midnight Blue and chose to depict it as a J35J from F10Wing as it carries additional pylons. The original kit came with only two standard under bell drop tanks. The following were enhancements made to depict it as a ‘J’ version:-  

  • a.   Added two additional sets of pylons

  • b.   Added the pilot figure and re-position the ejection seat.

  • c.   Added the external sensor behind the canopy, pitot tube on the tail fin and the missing air scoop on the starboard side.

  • d.   Scratchbuilt a new infra red sensor with clear plastic sprue and gave it a tint of light blue on the cone.

  • e.   Replaced the original nose pitot tube as it breaks easily with a metal pin. Had it painted with yellow/black bands.

  • f.     Glued the exhaust cone and filled it with putty instead of the snap fit assembly.

  • g.   Improved the look of the burner can with scratchbuilt parts and had it painted burnt metal.

  • h.   Opened up a gun port on the starboard side Aden gun and sealed off the gun port for the port side as the ‘J’ version has only 1 x Aden gun due to the upgrade in the avionics.

  • i.     Scratchbuilt 4 x RB24J missiles (Swedish version of AIM-J sidewinders)

  • j.     Self made additional stencils for the upper and lower surfaces to enhance its look.

Re-painted the Olive Drab/Midnight Blue camo using pre-mix basic colours from Tamiya/Mr Hobby acrylics. Minimal weathering is done on the upper and lower surfaces. Finish off with 2 coats of flat finish.

S K Loh

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