1/72 Revell An-2 "Colt"

Gallery Article by Tanel Kask on Apr 9 2014



This time I've made an An-2T model in 1/72 scale in Estonian Air Force markings.


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I used an Armory AW-2 propeller, Vector Wright Cyclone R-1820-G engine, Equipage wheels, Part interior and exterior PE sets. Also I've added self-made engine cowling, oil cooler, exhaust, canopy, seated pilots, wing struts, air intakes, lights, some PE surface panels and antennas. To get a better final result I changed the location of the upper and lower wing, windows and cargo compartment door.

For painting I used Humbrol, Testors and Revell enamel paints.  Markings are painted using laser cut sticker templates and nose art is a small homemade decal.

Tanel Kask

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Photos and text by Tanel Kask