1/144 Zveda Ju-87 B-2 Stuka

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Feb 27 2014



This Zveda kit is a simple snap fit kit with only 8 parts and simple decal set of Balkenkreuz and individual numbers to select. Knowing that Stukas have very nice decals to go with, I decided to improve the kit through various enhancement to it. I came across a B2 variant flown by one of the WWII German Stuka aces, Hans Ulrich Rudel who gained his fame at the Eastern Front. He and another Stuka pilot sank the Russian battleship Marat during an attack on Konstradt harbor in the Leningrad area, hitting its bow with 1000kg bombs. His illustrious career saw him earning the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds, second to Herman Goring who was awarded the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.

This kite operated in the Russian Front in 1941 under Stab 3/St. G2 “Immelmann” when he was a Major. The following are scratch-built enhancements to the kit after my search:-

  • a. Added the rear gunner machine gun

  • b. Added the radio mast and aerial

  • c. Added the pitot on the starboard wing

  • d. Added the siren fairing ( the sirens were removed following the early campaigns with only the fairings

  • e. Improved the aircooler intakes

  • f. Added barrels for MG17 machine gun on each side of the wing

  • g. Added the tailplane bracing struts

  • h. Added crew entry step on the lower fuselage

  • i. Added the aileron mass balance, flaps and ailerons hinges

  • j. Remove and replace the molded-on dive brakes 

  • k. Remove and replace the molded-on bomb release trapeze

I use only the Balkenkreuz provided and custom made the rest of the decals to depict this kite. The two tone green camo on the upper surfaces were premixed using Tamiya/Mr Hobby basic colours. The underside is painted with pre-mixed Light Blue. Tried to get the closest shade to the RLM colours. Used Mr Hobby setter to ensure good conformance of the decals. Applied pretty heavy weathering given the heavy operation during the early stages of the Russian Front campaign. 


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I modified the display stand as the original base was somewhat flimsy and added a picture of Hans Ulrich Rudel. Glad that I was able to improve the original kit to make it more accurate and I must admit it was not easy but the result was satisfying indeed. 

Enjoy the photos!

S K Loh

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