1/48 Yakovlev Yak-1

Gallery Article by Michal Sekula on Jan 29 2014



This Yak-1 is South Front kit in 1:48, built almost OOB, only aftermarket add-ons were AML Decals. The kit should represent the plane of M.D. Baranov, the fighter pilot of 183rd IAP.


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Baranov won 20 air and 6 ground victories already on Jun 1942. 183rd IAP started fighting on Stalingrad front on July 13, 1942. On August 6, 1942 Baranov shot down 3 planes plus fourth plane hit by taran and bailed out on parachute. A week later he was awarded by Hero of the Soviet Union. Newspaper “Pravda” published an article about him on August accompanied with photos of Yak-1 with 24 victory stars. As his original plane was destroyed, this was another plane decorated with victory stars and slogans just for the photo session purpose. He died on January 1943 during training flight after his return from hospital. His total score was 24 victories.

My intention was to make plane as it appeared during photo session. This old weathered and scratched plane (black and lighter green 4BO) even without radio was partially repainted (new black and not weathered AMT-4 green) on areas where inscriptions and victory stars were painted. Under side is painted with AMT-7 blue, interior with A-14 steel-grey. I used AKAN acrylics, only black is Revel acrylic.

For weathering the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color (different mixes of black/brown and grey), oil paints and MIG pigments were used.

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