1/144 Academy RNoAF F-16AM MLU

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Jan 15 2014



A very Happy New Year 2014 to all ARC members and other hobbyist alike. 

This is a 1/144 Academy F-16A kit converted to depict an all light gray camo Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16AM.  I came across the RNoAF demo kite while browsing for a new F-16 build.  This one has participated in several Tiger meet events. The usual scratch-builts and enhancements were added to make the F-16AM as reasonably accurate as possible:-

  • Scratch-built canopy to replace the “flat-out” one supplied

  • Scratch-built the pilot for in-flight display 

  • Scratch-built drag-chute extension

  • Scratch-built the larger horizontal stabilizer 

  • Scratch-built the CATM-120 for the wing tip pylons.

  • Re-shape the drop-tanks.

  • Added the navigation lights on the sides of the intake and on the wing tips.

  • Replace the pitot with a fine pin and added the probes and antenna


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Used Tamiya and Mr Hobby basic colours to mix the shade of gray for the camo paint. The decals were custom made. Very light weathering was done as I read that the air in Norway is pretty good and hence the kites are well maintained. Finished off with a few coats of flat.

Enjoy the photos.

S K Loh

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Photos and text © by S K Loh