Dog in Star Trek Costume

Gallery Article by Hal Elsberry "Els" on Jan 7 2014

Silly Week 2014



A while back I saw a picture of this poor dog that looked really unhappy about its owners creative outlet for Halloween. That being said, I thought it was pretty funny. If you search dog star trek costume, you will see several pictures of the real thing. About two months ago I was in a store and saw these little plastic animals. The dog looked similar to the one in the picture so I decided to try and make a replica. I chopped up the dog, reposed it, and painted it a little to try and match the picture. I would guess that this is about 1:12 scale. the Enterprise was made out of cardboard as it was in the picture. I cut thin pieces of packing tape to simulate real packing tape at that scale. The beer can labels were downloaded from the internet and glued to brass tubing.


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The base was made from a craft store plaque. The real picture looked like it was taken in a garage so the base was sponged with different colors and mortar lines were drawn in with a pencil. 

If this isn't silly, then I don't know what is...



Photos and text by Hal Elsberry