1/48 MiniHobby Su-30MKI

Gallery Article by Ulysses Almeida on Dec 10 2013



I decided to try putting my MiniHobby SU30 MK to some good use by changing it into an Indian SU30MKI I saw participating on the Red Flag exercises. I said I tried to put it to good use because the kit came so poorly made that my first reaction was to simply throw it in the garbage. Then I saw the picture of the MKI and decided to play with it, after all, I already had the kit just sitting there.


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I made the windshield out of a Coca-Cola bottle and the canards are made of resin. I used the missiles from another kit and made 2 more out of some spare parts. It also took a lot of sending to make the parts fit - and I'm talking about the parts that came in the box. The parts I built fit smoothly.

All in all, with some scribing and extra decals, I think the kit came out nicely. It was quite a challenge but very rewarding in terms of learning new techniques. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Ulysses Almeida

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Photos and text by Ulysses Almeida