1/72 Orange Hobby X-47B

Gallery Article by Paolo Yuen on Sept 17 2013



This is a full resin kit with photo etch, it was not easy to cut out the fuselage from the resin frame, I had to use super glue mixed with powder (for baby used after bath) to fill the holes!  Bomb bay door was shorter than the bay, then I had to make it in open version. The kit did not provide GBU-31, it was taken from Hasegawa weapons sets!  I used Koren IPP lacquer paints (Light Ghost Gray) to paint! 

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I also had to make the Italeri CVN deck section to display it, the deck was a straight build from box only the red & white line.  The yellow lines are hand painted because the decal line are too thick for the scale!, but I also display it on old Verlinden Productions the 1/72 resin deck and paper deck section, too.

Enjoy the photos.

Paolo Yuen

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Photos and text by Paolo Yuen