MF 08 (Modified Project No.8)

Gallery Article by Narin on Aug 13 2013



This is another project made from broken models. A friend who I have never met in ThaiMSOT (model Society of Thailand) gave me a box full of un-used spare parts and broken plastic models from various types. Among these treasures (for me) were 2 of F-16 Scale 1:48. They lost most of small parts but still retained the main parts. I remembered that I won a bid without any competitor, a broken Tamiya, Porsche scale 1:24, with cost me 20 Baht (around 0.70 USD). I used a soft vinyl Zaku head as the pilot. This could be a fun project!.

I took out all interior and scratch built the new cockpit. Then cut a wing from each plane and put them together to see the outline. To eliminate the shape of Porsche, I took out the roof and put a new top cut from acrylic and plastic sheet.


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The bottom fuselage was made from plastic sheet. The rest decoration was made from various materials such as brass wire, main board from broken mouse, legs of Gunpla etc. I used color spray, weathering with oil paint and finished with matt spray.

Here is my final result. Hope you like it. Thank you for watching.


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Photos and text by Narin