1/48 Academy Sukhoi Su-30MK Flanker

Gallery Article by Damanbir S. Sekhon on Aug 15 2013

  India Independence Day



Indian Air Force Tri-color Special SB-008

This is an attempt to replicate the special livery Su-30 of the Indian Air Force. The paint job is the colours of the Indian national flag. Four aircraft were painted in this scheme for the National Republic Day parade flypast.

This aircraft was built using the Academy 1/48 Su-30MK kit and decals from Begemot. The kit was very detailed with accurate parts and I enjoyed building the beautiful Flanker out of it. The fit was perfect and photo-etched parts were very useful for detailing.


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The paint job was the most interesting part of the build. The Blue "Chakra" on the middle of the fuselage was painted using masking tape. Local Acrylic paints were used to paint the Flanker and I am very much satisfied with the result. 

The last part was the weathering job and I used the mixture of black acrylic paint and water for that. Sand paper was used to get the "scratch patterns".  In order to have more detail, I used the DreamModel Su-30MK ladders which made the model look even more realistic. I hope you like my model.

Special Thanks to Phil Camp for helping with photos of actual aircraft.

Jai Hind! 


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Photos and text by Damanbir S. Sekhon