1/72 Italeri Savoia Marchetti Marsupiale S.82

Gallery Article by Phillip Steele on July 23 2013



A Savoia Marchetti S.82, presented in the early three color banded scheme of Italian dark brown, Italian olive green and Italian sand. This is one of three versions that can be done. These are Model Master paints, which appear different than the box art colors. I found the pattern from the instructions a bit hard to follow, so I came up with my own. I also took some other liberties, such as the green spinners.


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This kit has some nice options, with movable tail surfaces, bulged tires and the open bay. It has a good deal of internal detail, but unless you do a cut away, most of it is hidden. I polished the small windows on both sides but it's still pretty dark in there. I would have preferred movable ailerons or a crew instead. There is a second box art leaf that can be framed, and a reference manual which has walk around photos. The decals caused no problems and are completely opaque. 

Some fit problems occurred, no big surprise, and the fuselage is a bit weak for the wings. The floor plates, if attached solidly on both sides, will solve the problem. I left the cargo doors off for the photos to show some of the internal detail. They open inward, which would have blocked most of what I did manage to show.

This build is almost O. O. B. I made the pitot tubes and replacement prop shaft retainers from brass tubing. 

Phillip Steele

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Photos and text by Phillip Steele