1/76 Airfix Bloodhound Missile

Gallery Article by Gerard Chua on June 12 2013



This is my model of the RSAF Bloodhound Mk II Surface to Air Missile.  The model kit is from Airfix 1/76 Bristol Bloodhound, which is the earlier Mk I version of the missile. The Mk II missile is longer and has a different launcher.  The Bloodhound SAMs protected the skies over Singapore in the 70's up to the early 90's. 


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The model was assembled OOB and painted in the colors of the Bloodhound missile on display at the Airforce Museum in Singapore.  Paints were from Gunze Mr Color and decals for the RSAF insignia from Siam Scale.

Enjoy the photos.

Gerard Chua


Photos and text by Gerard Chua