1/48 Academy Su-27 UB converted to Su-30 MKI

Gallery Article by Mukund Vora on Apr 3 2013



This is the old Su-27 UB twin seater model from Academy, which I converted to the Su-30 MKI of the Indian Air Force using resin parts from Windmark Models.  I built the Su-27 UB some time ago. Recently I bought the Windmark conversion resin kit from Hobbyeasy.  The only problem is Windmark has given NO instructions as to where the model has to be cut to insert the resin parts.  It was a judgement call, which turned out great.  Thankfully it worked out, after a great amount of putty, crazyglue, sandpaper and elbow grease.  The end result was worth it.  


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The anti-radar, air-to-ground missiles and the rocket pods came from the 1/48 scale Trumpeter Su-24 Fencer extras. 

The cockpit for a model this big is non-existent!!  I had to scrounge around for decals for the cockpit. 

The resin parts are wonderfully done and are for a single seater, so many parts were not used.  I used the canard leading edge extensions, the canards , the leading edges and some other small parts. The resin parts were well moulded, bubble-free and fitted well. 

I did not attempt to transfer the IRST sensor to the side as I was not too confident of doing so without marring the windscreen. The superb decals are from Begemot and the air-to-ground weapons are from the spares box which had a lot of spares from the Trumpeter Su-24 Fencer kit. The targeting pod is a spare LANTIRN pod ( looks identical to the LITENING pod the IAF uses ). 

I did take some liberty in the camo scheme which is an imaginary one, but I felt that the actual Su-30 is pretty bland.  Colors are Modelmaster.  All in all, a pretty challenging build, but worth the risks and effort..

Mukund Vora

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Photos and text by Mukund Vora