1/72 Hasegawa Boeing F-15D Baz

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddet on Feb 21 2013



I tried to do my best to transform a 1/72 Hasegawa kit USAF F-15D Eagle in an Israeli Air Force F-15D improved Baz (Falcon) with additional parts and decals from Sky's Decals SD-72016.  I decided to do the plane number 957 nicknamed Skyblazer from the Spearhead 106th squadron based at Tel-Nof base in 2009.  This specific jet had 4 1/2 aerial victories during the eighties against Syrian MiGs over Lebanon.  This plane is also a veteran from the daring raid over the PLO HQ at Tunis October 1st 1985 carrying one GBU-15 laser guided bomb with masked Israeli insignia.  I added two conformal fuel tanks CFTs from a F-15E kit because Israel improved this model to a fantastic long range bombers truckrs and it really became an impressive fighter/bomber.

This plane is from the Peace Fox II program 1981 block 28 aircraft ex USAF 80-0133. It was involved in a midair collision May 1st 1985 with an A-4 during dissimilar air-training (lost the right wing but the pilot managed to land).  For the history the aircraft was repaired and 2 1/2 months after the collision the same pilot conducted the flight test.  The 2 colors USAF upper camouflage is standard for the Israeli F-15C/D which is at the start a fighter plane : FS36375 Gunze acrylic Grey H308, FS36320 Gunze acrylic Grey H307. The lower camouflage is FS36375 Grey H308.


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I used IDF weapons set from Skunkmodels Workshop to enhanced my model.  It carry two impressive RAFAEL Popeye AGM-142 long range air to surface missiles under wings and the communication AN/AXQ-14 pod on the centerline.  I added two AIM-120B AMRAAM air to air missiles under CFT's from my spare parts box.  I opened the canopy to show the cockpit interior.  I also weathered the camouflage but last pictures show that this plane has the nose, radar cone and victory roundels repainted. It was seen at a meeting in September 2011 at Ostrava Czech Republic with a new radome behind the canopy (SATCOM antenna or additional system to monitor drone?).

It was a pleasure for me to do this model.  Decals from Sky are very accurate. It is a great plane.....probably one with the biggest history for the Israelis I try to put this ace in valor with my pictures and some Photoshop effects.  I used the web to find pictures of the real plane to help me, and the excellent book from Isradecal  "McDonnel Douglas/Boeing F-15 Baz" to find ideas.  Now the F-15I are the best F-15 (see one my pic with one F-15I model that I did) for Israeli but improved Baz F-15C/D remain a modern polyvalent war platform.


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Photos and text by Jean-Charles Goddet