1/144 JASDF F-4EJ Kai Phantom

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Jan 14 2013



Depicted here is a JASDF F-4EJ Kai Phantom converted from the 1/144 Academy F-4E Phantom II kit.  The F-4EJ Kai was a originally a simplified F-4E export version with license granted to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Japan to built them locally in the late 1960s.  It was subsequently modified to become F-4EJ Kai in 1980s.  The model kit show one operated by the 8th Hikotai (Squadron in Japanese) in Misawa Air Base on the main Honshu island.  The Squadron emblem is the “Black Panther” carried on its vertical fin.

The build is straight forward save for the usual enhancements/ correction needed i.e. 

  • a. inward location for the drop tanks

  • b. reshaping of the gun nozzle

  • c. add-on RWRs on the vertical fin

  • d. scratch built AIM-9 missile and pylons


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Japanese fighter planes have a gamut of stenciling.  Given the size at 1/144 I could only manage with a selected few to lend it credence in custom making the decals. 

As for the paint scheme, I had to mix the two-tone blue from standard Tamiya/ Mr Hobby colours based on images I found on the net.  I was pretty happy with the finished shades.  A little weathering was done to the upper surfaces. 


S K Loh

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Photos and text © by S K Loh