1/72 PM Models Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor

"Bucket of Bolts"

C-45 Royal Air Force Expeditor

Gallery Article by Konley Kelley on Oct 29 2012



Flying on BOB - "Bucket of Bolts"
I was very fortunate to fly on the C-45 Expeditor "Bucket of Bolts" on September 1, 2012. It was a short trip from Addison, Texas to Lancaster, Texas for the air show "Warbirds on Parade," hosted by the CAF DFW Wing.


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"Bucket of Bolts" (or BOB as it is called) was built in 1946. Vic Agather, the driving force behind the restoration of the B-29 Superfortress "FIFI," purchased the aircraft in 1960. BOB was later flown by the CAF Dixie Wing for many years. BOB is now back with Vic's son, Neils Agather and based with the CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron in Addison, Texas.

BOB is painted in RAF colors and invasion stripes to honor Vic Hewes, an RAF pilot who flew a C-45 in WW2. He flew a C-45 on a mission during D-Day and his aircraft sported invasion stripes.

BOB also has a sister. The C-45 Expeditor "Texas Dolls" is in our hangar and accompanies the B-29 and B-24 to air shows. I've luckily flown on this beauty, too.

BOB Scale Model
I picked up the PM Models 1:72 Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor at the Squadron Mail Order Open House in May, 2012. I had a mission. I wanted to build a model of BOB. BOB has become a very popular touring aircraft. It tours with the B-29 and B-24 and also offers rides. It is amazing how many people love BOB and have taken a ride on BOB this Summer. 

The PM Models kit is basic. It was a fun build. I found a 1:72 figure to put in the cockpit to double as a tiny Neils Agather in his CAF shirt and hat. I did some tweeking to make BOB resemble the real BOB. The most challenging thing (besides yellow paint and tiny invasion stripes) was the decals. I had to piece some together from my stash and make my own for the nose art and CAF logo. I wasn't that successful so that bummed me out a little.


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My mission concluded with me hanging BOB in our Squadron Briefing Room.  I thought it fitting to hang BOB with the collection of 1:72 WW2 bombers that currently soar above our meetings and activities in the briefing room.  It was also fitting to hang BOB next to "FIFI" because BOB has become a beloved part of our Squadron and often is with "FIFI" on tour.


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As we say in our Squadron "All hail BOB."

Enjoy the pics.  For more of my models and artwork, see www.shortfuse3d.com and join my Facebook group "Modeling History in Digital Diorama."   You can find out more info on the CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron at www.cafb29b24.org.  Check out the site.  If BOB is in your city, buy a ride.  You'll love it!   You can e-mail me at konman @gte.net


Konley Kelley


Photos and text by Konley Kelley