1/144 Academy F-16A and F-16D

Gallery Article by S K Loh on Aug 9 2012

Singapore National Day



Depicted here are 2 x 1/144 Academy F-16 kits that I converted to a F-16A Block 15OCU and a F-16D Block 52+ of the RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force). The original Academy kit is an early variant of F-16A (probably a Block 5/10 type) due to its smaller stabilator. The RSAF acquired the F-16As and Bs in 1985 as part of its modernization program to replace its aging Hawker Hunter jets. The F-16A Block 15OCU S/N 880 depicted was involved in a mid-air collision with S/N 883 during a routine training flight over the South China Sea in 1990. S/N 880 managed to return to Base safely despite the damage sustained but S/N 883 was lost. Fortunately the pilot ejected safely. Sometime in 1994 the RSAF opted to purchase F-16 Cs and Ds to further enhance her defence capability. The F-16As and Bs were subsequently offered to the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF). The F-16D Block 52+ S/N 680 depicted here was the latest delivery to the RSAF as they have the dorsal fairing added and CFTs. 

The Academy F-16 kit had several drawbacks. Firstly the canopy was somewhat ‘flat’ unlike the original bubble-shaped ones. I had to scratch-build a canopy for the F-16A to accommodate the pilot figure. The F-16A being a Block 15OCU had a extended parachute fairing and this was added as well. As for the F-16D, I had to scratch-built the extended canopy for the WSO on board. The drop tanks are incorrect as they were moulded with a longer tail end. I had to trim them and added the thinner and smaller fins to them. The stabilators for both had to be extended too. Likewise the radome appears somewhat tapered and a little build-up with putty to give a more aerodynamic outline is necessary. Scratch-built dorsal fairing is added for the F-16D plus the gamut of sensors and weapons e.g. the AIM120s . I decided against scratch-building the CFTs for it.


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Decals were self-made and the F-16A carried the markings under 140SQN “Osprey” whereas the F-16D bored that of 145 SQN ‘Hornet’. Both aircraft were painted in the standard F-16 colours of FS36118/FS36320 on the upper surfaces, FS36375 on the lower surfaces and FS36270 for the radome. These shades were mix from standard Mr Hobby/Tamiya colours and airbrushed freehand.

As 09 August is Singapore’s National Day, here’s wishing all Singaporeans a Happy 47th National Day. Enjoy!!

S K Loh

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