1/144 F-4E Phantom and F-15C Eagle

Gallery Article by S K Loh on July 26 2012



Depicted here are a USAF F-15C side by side with a ROKAF F-4E Phantom in a joint military exercise codename Team Spirit in 1984. This exercise initiated in 1976 is a mandatory exercise needed to evaluate the ROK-US alliance to foster combined operations and military capabilities for defending South Korea. The F-15C kit was a 'LEE' brand - probably a PRC made as I recalled it. It was built quite some years back OOB. I decided to do a makeover of the kit. I replicated the original decals and search the net for more info and added stencils to spruce it up. I also added the 2x 600 US gal drop tanks and the pilot for in-flight display. The only drawback is the air intake which was molded closed (perhaps I might open it up in the future if I so decide on another makeover). I chanced upon a photo during my search for the F-15C details depicting a formation of the two aircraft in the aforementioned Exercise. The F-15C was bearing the tail code of ZZ with the Shogun emblem on the inner side of the tail fins. so I decided to built a ROKAF F-4E to recreate the scenario.


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The F-4E Phantom is an Academy 1/144 kit with USAF markings. As I could not clearly make out the aircraft serial numbers of both aircraft, I made-do with serial numbers I found from the net search. I created the decals for a ROKAF F-4E operating from Chongju AB under 153TFS/17FW. I only added the crew and the rest was built OOB.

The actual aricraft carried two-tone Ghost gray scheme. I used MR Hobby/Tamiya basic colours to mix for the two tones of Ghost gray instead of using the FS36375 and FS36320 colours as they tend to be a tad too dark given the size of the kits. They were airbrushed freehand.


S K Loh

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Photos and text by S K Loh