1/72 Airfix Bae Hawk Mk 132

Gallery Article by Damanbir S. Sekhon on June 20 2012



Bae HawkMk 132 Indian Air Force

This is the Airfix 1/72 Bae Systems Hawk 100 series kit . The aircraft is a two seat, lightweight fighter and advanced weapons systems training aircraft, with enhanced ground attack capability. This aircraft is used by the Indian Air Force primarily as a trainer and is operated from the Bidar Air Base in southern India.

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The kit has an option for making a Mk 132 IAF aircraft. The aircraft was easily assembled without making any major changes or scratch building. The model is hand painted in local enamels and in-box decals were used.

This was the first time, I had tried my hands on weathering and I am very much satisfied with my job (though messed at a lot of places). I hope that you guys like it.


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Photos and text by Damanbir S. Sekhon