C-2E Egghound

Gallery Article by George (Chorse6) on June 14 2012



While waiting for a C-2 to come out, I started messing around with putting this together.  I was motivated when I saw the aircraft at the Alliance Airshow (where the patch was purchased).


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The fuselage is a wooden egg from a craft store that had to be reshaped with Milliput and sanded (lots)  . The wing came from an 1/72 Heller E-2 kit. I had to cut the wings down and split them laterally to make them the right "scale." Tail is scratch built.  Decals are from scraps and homemade. 

I have to thank a good friend who really loves eggplanes.  He inspired me to do this.  Happy Easter belated, Kirby!

George (Chorse6)


Photos and text by George (Chorse6)