1/48 Italeri F-16A Netz

Gallery Article by Ian T.M. Holahan on May 11 2012



This is an Italeri F-16A Netz in 1/48th scale that I recently completed.  The build itself was straightforward and there were no real problems to speak of.  I added a resin Verlinden ACES ejection seat to the cockpit area and some small photo etch details were also added to the interior and the seat as well. 


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Since I wanted to depict a later model Netz, the large horizontal stabs that came with the kit were utilized.  However, I did scratchbuild the chaff buckets that were retrofitted to the tail and to the area between the ventral strakes.  The chaff dispensers were formed out of sheetstock and then cut, sanded and scribed.  They were then mounted on the model.  The plane was airbrushed with Model Master Enamels and Tamiya Acrylics. Once the camo was applied, the panel lines were drawn with a Micron pen and shaded with Tamiya Smoke. 

Lead foil was used for the covers on the intake and the exhaust and these were then painted red. I used Eduard BRASSIN Sidewinders for the armament load-out and I must say the missiles were beautifully cast, with very little flash or cutting required. I was not happy with the shape of the Italeri wing drop tanks so I used a set of Hasegawa wing tanks from the spares box. The centerline drop tank was the one supplied with the Italeri kit. Finally, the decals were applied using the Aeromaster 1/48th scale Netz sheet. I chose to depict #112 from the Negev Squadron and the plane is shown carrying four kill roundels. I enjoyed building this F-16A and was glad to add this historical MIG-killer to my collection. 
Best Wishes, Ian

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Photos and text by Ian T.M. Holahan