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Bungee Dude

Gallery Article by Terry Davis on Jan 1 2012

Silly Week 2012

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What do you do with a Silly Surfer kit that has been sitting around for years?  Think out of the box, of course!  I realized that this figure was in the perfect pose for a bungee jumper and set to work on making it happen.


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After assembling the kit, I went to work on personalizing my bungee dude.  Using epoxy putty, I created the padding the goes around his ankles.  A piece of nylon rope and swivel ends make up the bungee cord.  The "Dude" sports a gold earring, tribal tattoo, friendship bracelet, and gold tooth.  Styrene strip and a Ford decal make up his belt.

You may also have noticed that he has chest and underarm hair that I made by snipping the loop ends off of a piece of velcro and then carefully glued to his body.  It is hard to tell by the photos but I detailed his eye ball by using very fine lint from a piece of thread to represent the blood veins.

The Dude's sunburn was sprayed on using Model Master paints and the jump platform was constructed from basswood, styrene square rod and a display base from the parts bin.

I will have to admit, at this time, that I was crazy enough years ago to have made three bungee jumps while I was in New Zealand.  Not learning my lesson, I then made one more jump in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  Too old for that kind of fun anymore.
Terry Davis

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Photos and text by Terry Davis

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