1/72 Revell-Monogram B-36

Gallery Article by Stephen Holben on Dec 30 2011


This is my Revell-Monogram 1/72nd B-36.  I finished about a year ago. This is one terrific kit, and a real pleasure to built.  Excellent molds, wonderful fitting of the VERY LARGE wings and elevators into the fuselage. 


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The only gripe I have is the panel lines are raised, and the instrument bulkhead for the flight engineer takes a bit of work, but the fact is when the canopy is painted one can barely see inside.  Don't even think about building this kit without using the terrific Warbird decals sheet and the landing gear from Scaled Aircraft (yes I built this gear up, but bought the Scaled landing gear in case I decided to use it.  Very nice upgrade.  This kit is worth these details, and your patience.  It makes a HUGE (36" span) model that carries well all the detail you can put on it.  I've had a lot of compliments. 

Enjoy the photos.

Stephen Holben


Photos and text by Stephen Holben