1/48 Esci FJ-2/3 'Jolly Rogers' Fury

Gallery Article by Chris Doppel on Oct 25 2011


This is my 12 year old son Chris' 1/48 Esci FJ-2/3 Fury which he has done in the scheme of a Jolly Rogers VF-61 Fury.  Unbeknown to us when he got the kit was that the decals were so old that they would shatter on contact with water and as the cockpit detail required decals, I gave him some Eduard P/E (FE-236) for the F86 Sabre to dress the cockpit up a little.  Thanks to the other Andrew D-The Jolly Rogers Guy and Jose (Almansur) Chris got enough pics of airframe code 215 to enable Chris to stencil and paint the white nose stripe and identify the rest of the markings required.  The decals came from a generic AeroMaster sheet with the stars and bars from a F4-U Corsair sheet with the red stripes cut to size and fitted.  The NAVY title were from an Aussie Decal sheet with the rest of the markings being salvaged from the kit sheet sprayed with gloss and cut out individually. The Jolly Roger on the starboard side was a left over from a sheet we found in the stash and is only on one side of this particular aircraft.  

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Chris also wanted one of the wings up so I showed him how to do it using a razor saw.  The aircraft when ready was painted in Model Master Dark Sea Blue and Classic White.  We hope one day Italeri will see their way to reproducing this kit as it goes together so well with little putty required as I can see a CAG version on the horizon with the multi-coloured nose strip and 00 codes.

Chris hopes you like it. 

Chris & Andrew Doppel

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Photos and text by Chris Doppel