1/48 Tornado GR4

Gallery Article by Pete Morgan on Oct 25 2011


This is the HobbyBoss 1/48 Tornado GR1 converted to a GR4 ZA600 in 41(R) TES anniversary markings. The decals are custom made by a friend as none are available for this scheme at the moment. 


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The Tornado has the current Ops fit of Paveway 4, Brinstome, Tanks, ECM amd AIRCM pod and Lightning 3. It's also got ASRAAM fitted. The AIRCM pod is converted from a standard |BOZ 107. All flags are either Eduard or masking tape, exhaust and intake blanks are masking tape. Seats are Paragon as are the wheels. 

For all it's "apparent" problems I liked this Hobbyboss kit, it went together without to many snags and it does look the part.  The kit took the best part of 3 months on and off and was built for the Squadrons 95th on 23 September 2011, it went down well, so well in fact I've got another commission but in 1/72 from my Wing Commander.......can't say no I guess.

Pete Morgan


Photos and text by Pete Morgan