US IPMS Nationals 2011 Omaha

Gallery Article by Mike Whye on Aug 15 2011


   I thought I'd send ARC some photos from the Nationals in Omaha. All has been going great from what we see and what we hear from visitors to here. We have three rooms with about 100 vendors occupying 300 tables. Models keep filling the display tables and the tours are underway as are the seminars. 

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The tours began with one this evening to the Strategic Air and Space Museum, about 20 miles from the convention site. We had three busloads of people go there in addition to those who drove their own cars. In the museum, visitors went on simulator rides and got to crawl through the B-36's forward crew compartment plus look at the rest of the museum's 33 aircraft, mostly dedicated to the former Strategic Air Command. 

Tomorrow begins with a tour of the Offutt AFB flightline, home of the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. 

'til later,

Mike Whye

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Photos and text by Mike Whye