XIII Master Hobby Show 2011

Part 7: Figures and SciFi

Gallery Article by Orlando Sucre on July 24 2011

  Simon Bolivar's (Venezuela's liberator) birthday 


Hello, fellow modelers and readers. I want to share some photographs of models exposed at the XIII Master Hobby Show that took place in Caracas , Venezuela , on June 11 and 12, 2011. The Master Hobby Show is an annual event organized by the Club de Modelismo (Modelers Club) 2000. Iíll show the photographs in several articles.

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In this article Iím showing models of figures (both historic and fantastic) and SciFi subjects. The most outstanding figure (IMHO) was the one I chose for the first photograph, modeled after an original oil painting artwork, I think it deserved a prize!

I hope youíll enjoy the photographs. Greetings from Caracas , Venezuela .

Orlando Sucre

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Photos and text © by Orlando Sucre